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Essex County Council Puts Universal Offers to Work

July 3, 2014

Essex County Council has shared this very informative video presentation which covers how libraries contribute to ECC outcomes, especially with the SCL Universal Offer work in Reading, Digital, Information and Health.

Ciara Eastell Delivers Priorities for her Presidency

June 16, 2014

Incoming SCL President Ciara Eastell set out her priorities for SCL and libraries in a speech given to the SCL Seminar in early June. She emphasised the enormous role that libraries play as enablers for local people and communities, laid plans to create a Learning Offer to expand on SCL’s current 4 Universal Offers, reaffirmed […]

Universal Offers

The four Universal Offers cover the four key areas of service which our customers and our stakeholders see as being integral to a 21st century library service.

Universal Offer